Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer Clickety-Click from the Moderator

It's exciting to have so much activity on the site in the middle of summer, when its so hot that knitting seems to entirely slip my mind. I just invitied about 20 new participants to the blog, who've all waited so patiently for the last month or so for me to get around to adding them. So first of all, sorry for the long wait, my summer brain has turned to oatmeal, and second of all, thanks for joining!

And for those of you who joined way back in the winter, how's it going? Still working? Our FO list is pretty short -- there's got to be someone else out there that I need to add... so post and let us know!


At 9:19 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for inviting me to join, and don't worry about any delay. There's a major heatwave going on in London at the moment and I know exactly what you mean by 'summer brain'!

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Erica said...

Thanks for the's been 95+ this week and I don't think I'll be starting til we're promised nothing higher than 85 for a few days in a row.


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