Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So close I can smell the finish line

Last night I started to sew up my Jacket and tackled matress stitch . What a thrill though to use Soft Tweed for this pattern....seams disappeared and the whole garment let itself be sewn up bar one side and all around the hems...tonights project.

I have one problem though.

As mentioned here - the Sleeves are WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY too long on me.

I know the style is long but we are talking maybe 20cms too long. I knew that at the time of knitting it but sticking to the pattern for once and not buggaring it up by changing it was my plan.

I have sewn the sleeves up but what should I do?

Snip off the extra length and fasten up the live stitches? The beauty of this pattern is that you hem all edges in a fair way so whatever I do will be hidden. Any tips/hints/secrets for this kind of stuff?

Kate Gilbert showed her "Petite" friend wearing it....note very long sleeves too - so I am not far off the exact pattern - but for practicality reasons (and also a quirky habit of mine is to always pull my sleeves up or wear 3/4 length sleeves)....just too long for me.


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