Monday, July 31, 2006

It's off the Needles...woo hoo

It's off the needles, not sewn up yet, but it is finished. I had a flexi day off work on friday and cut finger and all, I knitted away most of the day, I had to be careful to tuck my finger away from the knitting, if I put pressure on the cut it would have bled all over my knitting, bandaids didn't help as they only got caught in the wool.

We went away for the weekend, but no knitting got done, Sunday night when we got home, I sat down for a bit, OK, to really late (but before midnight) and knitted until I finished. I was planning to sew it up last night, but after a day at work on the computer, my eyes are never the best so I thought it best to leave probably until the weekend when all rested up and eyes can see clearer. Photos to be posted at a later date, maybe when all sewn up.


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