Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gauge and measuring issues!

Okay, so when I started the back at the beginning of March, I did a guage swatch with this yarn from my stash that I thought would be perfect. I tried size 6 needles, not the guage, but I liked how it looked on 6's. I tried 7's, got gauge, or so I thought. So I started the back on 7's. I have the back done through part of the raglan decreases. I did some measuring this morning and the width is way off and I remember having some issues with my measurements and row counts not matching the pattern. So perhaps I did not have gauge. I so wanted this yarn to be this jacket. It may still happen. I was measuring this morning, so in my one-eyed bleariness I may be wrong. I will re-check gauage and measurements this evening when I get home from work. For my reason of one-eye ness you can check out my blog here
Happy Knitting!


At 5:17 PM, Blogger Veronica in Aus said...

Oh - that's scary! Sounds lucky that you got a very quick diagnosis.

I hope you work out your gauge issues without too much trouble


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