Sunday, March 19, 2006

saying hello...

Hello everyone.
I've just joined the knitalong (my first ever) and am cursing my luck that blogger isn't working properly and won't let me post photos... but you can check out what i'm making here at my blog. i'm chugging my way through the left side now using debbie bliss' tweed in a funky peacock blue colour. unfortunately i hadn't visited this blog before i cast on, so those handy hints about how to seam and how you should do the sides before the back were all a little lost on me... i've finished the back already and just can't think about how to seam it all! but hey, i love this pattern and am determined that i'm going to make a good sunrise circle jacket that i can wear wih pride!
there may be frogging ahead....!
great to see how everyone else's is going - and koko's finished jacket, what an inspiration!
good luck to all,


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