Monday, March 06, 2006

knitting up hem (part 2) and and update

so i got an email requesting instructions for knitting the collar hem in ad you work so here goes. i am not this far myself but i imagine this should work. i've used a similar method before. as before knit tiurning row as dircted. then knit the hem facing rows as directed. then fold in the hem along the turning row. next knit a final row binding off loosely as you go and at the same time pick up a corresponding purl side loop to knit together with the stitch. so you have a nit stitch a purl side loop and you knit th etwo together then do the next pair and pass the first over as in binding off. does that make sense. sorry this one is harder to explain.

good luck to you all. i've realized that my row gauge is so far off that my sleeves are already 5 inches too long and i;'m not even done with the raglan shaping. so i'll be ripping out tonight. i've saved knitting graph paper from abc's and will be determining wha tthe pattern should be in my gauge according to koko's instructions on her blog. thanks lady! you're a lifesaver! happy knitting ladies i'm gonna go rip!


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