Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I've been waiting for my Handmaiden Ottawa yarn in the Dragonfly colorway - I ordered it (on sale!) from Red Bird Knits last week and I keep checking for a package, but no luck yet. If the Cherry Tree Hill yarn doesn't work out - wrong gauge or wrong drape - then I'll try the Handmaiden.

Of course, I haven't even had time to wind the Cherry Tree into balls, so this is all just wishful thinking. As I think I said earlier, for me this KAL may take years. In the meantime, I'm trying my best to shoo winter away by completing the second of a pair of wristwarmers. It's supposed to get to 60 degrees Fahrenheit here this weekend, so I predict I'll have the second one done just as the thermometer gets above 50. Hey, I'd rather have spring, anyway!


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