Saturday, March 11, 2006

i need some help!

ok yall, i need some advice. i've finished the front left and i'm working on the back right now, but i just wanted to know if you guys think i should block the pieces individually or after seaming. i've never blocked pieces before seaming, but the pattern says to do it afterwards. i just need some help! anyways, here are some pictures of my progress!

the increases look so pretty!

left front

thats the back. (i love the darts). i haven't hemmed it up so these pictures look kinda sloppy! anyways, this pattern is so fun to knit. i hope everyone's having fun with it!


At 6:39 AM, Blogger Jackie C. said...

Nice work! Your knitting has an interesting texture to it -- in the picture, all of the right-halves of the stitches seem to stand out more than the left. Is it just the photo, or do you have a unique knitting style?

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Koko said...

Hi Makenzie,
You work beautifully!

I always do the ironing pieces individually because of making it easy to seam together.

I need some other opinions about it too.

At 1:54 PM, Blogger Makenzie said...

thanks for the compliment jackie! i know what you mean about the texture. i think its because when i learned to knit, my aunt taught me to loop the yarn around the needle the other way. i used to hate how it looked, but i kind of like it now. i'm going to try to learn continental style to see if i can get it to look any different!

At 4:59 PM, Blogger Mintyfresh said...

I just blocked all of my pieces this afternoon--prior to seaming, because the thing was curling madly and I never would have been able to do it without getting them to sit still.

At 5:05 PM, Blogger Jackie C. said...

Hi Makenzie,
I just taught myself continental last fall after knitting english all my life -- after doing a pair of socks that way (and knitting so many thousand stitches!) it came really easily. Good luck learning if you do! But I agree -- your different knitting style makes the fabric look really cool!


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