Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm a bad KALer!!!

I'm also a slow knitter, so I guess the two go hand in hand. I started knitting my jacket on March 4th, but haven't posted any progress shots yet due to my slow slow going. Like Nicole, I'm a non-monogamous knitter too. I've just joined my second ball of yarn, so here are my measly 8 1/2 inches in all their glory!!!The sun in starting to rise??I am really enjoying the pattern a lot, and will probably keep my WIPs down to a somewhat manageable number so I can devote more time to the jacket. I'd love to finish it by the time the spring weather really hits here in New England, because I think it will be perfect for outdoors wear once I can shed my winter coat!! (Yesterday it went up to 70 - so spring is coming fast!)

Thanks to everyone for all your progress pictures and tips and tricks. I find every piece of information very helpful, as this will be the second sweater I've ever made.


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