Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Seam Me Up, Scotty

So. I was almost done with my jacket.

But it is currently spending some time in the Naughty Chair. With a needle stuck in it.
It's pouting, can you tell?

I love Kate's pattern, but the finishing process has been a challenge for me. I happened to choose a lumpy bumpy yarn that is uncooperative, and that makes seaming evenly a bit of a challenge. You know how red yarns just refuse to be photographed correctly? Well, this yarn refuses to be seamed OR measured correctly.

When I was seaming up the LAST few inches of the second side--and victory was so close I could taste it-- I happened to lay out the whole sweater on the floor, and something looked just a little bit...wonky. So I measured, and I pinned, and I measured again (coming up with completely different results than the first time); and I cursed, and I finally realized that I had totally messed up one of the seams. Not the seam that I had worked on carelessly, confidently, in poor lighting, in front of the TV, while it lay in my lap; but the seam that I had done methodically, slowly, in good light, spread out on the kitchen table. Figures.

One side was clearly longer than the other, from armpit to waist.

I spent a few minutes thinking about ways to lower one of my armpits.

And then--R-r-r-ipppp.

It was a long seam.

The new seam is about halfway done. But I thought I'd leave it a bit while I worked on something else.

That'll teach it.


At 3:09 PM, Blogger Annie said...

Despite the trauma, your post totally made me laugh. take a time out - the sweater will be so beautiful. yay!


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