Saturday, April 01, 2006

Back way too long!

Woah, ok, i just finished my raglan decreasing for the back, and lined it up next to the raglan decreases for my right front (sleeve), and it's about 2-3 inches too long! how did that happen? aren't there supposed to be the same number of raglan decs on both? im so confused...i mean, it looks like i could just rip out until i got the right length, then do my fold line and the hem. did anyone else have this problem?

Update: Before making the fold line on the back neck, I sewed up the raglan edges from the armpit to make sure I had the right length. I ended up having to add a few rows after what I'd ripped out based on looks, so I would caution knitters when they get to the back neck to be very careful about their length, if something looks amiss. I mattress seamed the two edges all the way up to halfway through the left front hem, then counted the remaining rows to see how many more I'd need, easy peasy but time consuming, I think it's worth it, though.


At 12:36 PM, Anonymous julia said...

Yes, I had the exact same problem, simply ripped back and knitted the back as long as I needed it.


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