Monday, February 27, 2006

Hi All!

Hi Everyone! I just joined, but I have been working on my jacket for about 2 weeks now. I tend to knit in spurts, usually taking a break starting around Thanksgiving and picking it back up around Februrary. I have been knitting for years, but I have yet to complete a sweater, even for a baby, so I have decided that I will not cast on one thing until this is complete! (This is hard since I am a ADD knitter...)

I am finished with the back and ahve about 15 more rows to complete on the left front. I will try to upload some pics for everyone tonight. I am using some yarn that I got in a yarn swap. It is a nubby silk (niole I believe it is called) and was hand dyed a beautiful reddish color by a very talented male knitter. The gugae is a bit off, so what I am doing is knitting it a size smaller and then blocking it to the bigger size. It seems to be working out great!


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